Release Note [2.009]
We've made a release this time that's gonna make Tixio even more powerful with an amped-up wiki you're always looking up to. There are also a few more UI issues and bug fixes pushed live but let's go through the major changes we brought with this release:
We've launched our improved wiki editor with a new look, more functions, and more embed options!
💥Faster and better
We’ve perfected our wiki from all the bugs and caching issues you’ve been facing recently. We want to commit it’s not a slow one anymore! Rather it’s now become so powerful to replace your need for other wikis, we can bet on that!
🙌 New look and feel
We’ve changed the way wiki looks with our new design system. Now everything is more “right-before-your-eyes” than before. From the editor to the toolbar, comment section, table of contents, etc. everything is revamped.
new wiki
🔗 Embed whatever you need
Now you can embed everything you see in your wiki. Simply paste the link to embed Youtube videos, Figma designs, Google sheets, and many more! Make your wiki delightfully informative and dynamic in no time.
✨ Personalize with logo and cover
Now you can add logo/icon/company image as well as cover images to your wiki to make it more personalized. Showcase your company brand, and create an impact with wikis you build and share.
📍Align images
Now you can align your images (left-right-center) on the wiki. We know the need for aesthetics and people with a keen eye often find the alignment option extremely helpful to keep the document in a structure.
📋 Do more with tables
Now you can add images/sketches, embed videos/websites, add bullet points, @mention, and do a lot more inside tables. Make it more resourceful to the people you’re sharing the wiki with.
Release Note [2.008]
We've come up with a massive release this week with loads of new and exciting features.
🗄️ Tixio Archive
We've long been waiting for this one! You can now archive Boards and Wikis to Tixio Archive. Archive what you don't need right now but might use later.
Every board/wiki you archive will be kept in your database for 30 days before they get deleted automatically. You can restore or delete them yourself anytime!
🗃️ Pre-made Templates
We have brought some pre-made templates for our template center. Previously it was intended for you to save your boards/wikis as templates to use later. But with pre-made templates such as project charters, meeting notes, analysis templates etc. you can create board/wikis even faster to meet the need.
Discover the amazing things you can do with boards and wiki with some awesomely useful templates in hand!
🧑‍🤝‍🧑Pending Member List
Now you can see the pending invitations in your member list. With that, you will be able to know how many invited members haven't yet connected to your workspace so that you can remind them or remove them. Super helpful for Tixio Basic and Tixio Team users.
pending member
Product Tour 🚀
We understand the struggle of new users to learn how to use the product faster. Hence, we have introduced an interactive product tour. It will show you around the product features when you need them, not overwhelming you with steps!
Release Note [2.007]
We have relaunched our Freemium plan to allow users to enjoy Tixio features free forever.
Our newest plan is segmented into 3 plans - Free, Tixio Basic and Tixio Team.
Users can now start with free plan without any subscription or credit card. They can access to Tixio's premium features starting from only 2$
Usage and Supports
  • Workspace: 1
  • Workspace users: Unlimited
  • Boards/Wikis/files: Unlimited
  • Activity Log: Upto 90 days
Tixio Features
  • Boards
  • Wiki
  • All Widgets
  • Sync Drive
  • Export board / wiki
  • Customization
  • Unified Search
  • Advance Task
  • Tixio Analytics
  • Template Center
  • Multiple Drive Sync
  • Notifications
  • Public URL for Board & Wiki
  • Invite Members
  • Real-time Collaboration
  • Sketch on Wiki
  • Templates
  • Wiki Comments
Access to other Tixio Products
  • Quick Save
  • Tixio Insights
  • Tixio Lite
Security and Admin Controls
  • Member Access Control
  • Restricted Sharing
  • Role Based Access
Customer Support & Engagement
  • Customer Support
  • Feature Request
  • Reward & Loyalty Programs
  • Product Roadmaps & Updates
Release Note [2.006]
What's New?
  • Template Center:
    Introducing Tixio template center - where you can save and publish your boards/wikis as templates. Get creative and develop useful templates to share with people. Improve efficinecy and uniformity across team.
  • Profile view:
    View profile information of workspace members with small profile pop-ups and slider profile menu. Get a hold on member details faster.
  • Wiki @mention previews:
    Now you can get a preview of the board/wiki you are mentioning on your wiki page. Simply hover the board / wiki name and see the live preview to determine if you're mentioning the correct one.
  • Auto-redirect
    to newly created wiki/board with sidebar dropdown opening.
  • Move tasks
    across Advance Task widgets in a board.
  • Internal component libraries with
    new design system
  • Widget background and header
    custom color change
Release Note [2.005]
What's New?
  • Quick save: We have introduced quick save, a Chrome extension that helps you bookmark all your open tabs on browser at once. Create a collection of bookmarks. Connect with Tixio workspace to create bookmark widget from open tabs.
  • Tixio Analytics: An insightful data on workspace engagement. Analytics gives you data on boards, wikis and sessions altogether, helps you take productive decisions based on your member engagement.
  • Drag and drop tasks from one advanced task widget to another. Build a great task manager in your board, organize multiple tasks by moving them to right place.
  • Improved design for workspace settings dropdown.
Bug Fixes & UI Improvements:
  • Duplicate widgets in the same board.
  • Wiki related UI improvements.
  • Wiki mention related bug fixes.
  • Checklist widget bug issue fixed.
  • Empty board related issue fix.
  • Modal transition and other UI improvements.
Release Note [2.004]
What’s new?
  • Unified Serch: This helps users to search anything inside the workspace - from boards, wikis, files to widgets, people, mentions etc.
  • Introducing new creation flow for Board widgets. Previous blank board UI is replaced with an interactive one.
  • Avatars: Users can now choose an avatar to represent their profile from avatar library.
  • Public share option is implemented on Wiki. Users now will be able to share their wiki publicly.
  • Advanced toolbar for wiki: Users can type "/" in wiki to get a toolbar with everything they need to create a perfect wiki.
  • Introducing new flow for wiki "@" mention to make the mentions easier for users.
Bug Fixes & UI Improvements:
  • Drag n Drop option for boards / wiki in favourite section that lets users to drag in or out their favourite one in no time.
  • Invalid URL issues fix for bookmarks, RSS feeds and webpage embeds.
  • Removed case sensitivity on sub-domain name during signup.
  • Subscription date-related bug fixes on Tixio lite.
  • Signup process session reloads/expire related bug fixes.
  • Modal transition and other UI improvements.
Release Note [2.003]
What’s new?
  • Real-time collaboration on Wiki to support multiple people to work on a document together.
  • Introducing widget themes for a quick customization.
  • Introducing 'Sketch toolbar' in wiki for quick scribbling or flow-charting.
  • Improved 'Advance Task' widget with more functional features.
  • Board sharability with groups and sub-groups.
  • Realtime update on user / group / sub-group activity.
  • Copy or duplicate board with all its widgets and updates.
Bug Fixes & UI Improvements:
  • No more frequent session timeouts! We've improved our session timeout bugs for better experience.
  • User roles and permission-related bug fixes.
  • Embed webpage easily with direct website address typing (without http/https).
  • Improved welcome pages for board & wiki.
  • No more restrictions in copying a wiki.
  • Text, modal positioning, color and other UI improvements for you to feel better with Tixio.
Release Note [2.002]
What’s new?
  • Mark Favourite - You can now mark your board, wiki or even folder as your favourite.
  • Create a wiki or board directly inside from a folder.
  • You can now share your wiki with groups and sub-groups you created
Bug Fixes & UI Improvements:
  • Notification bug fixes for members addition or removal as well as permission updates
  • Bug fixes in wiki share functionality
  • Improved UI for better experience
Release [2.001]
Check out our latest features & improvements made on release 2.001:
Bug Fixes:
  • Resolved errors generated while adding new workspace
  • In-app bug fixes for widgets and boards
  • Resolved error during password reset
  • Refined email templates and for notifications
  • Improved files flow for multi drive connection
  • Advanced notification texts for boards / widgets and wiki
  • Font, spacing and few other UI improvements
What’s new?
Notification settings - where you can choose what you want to get notified for. Avoid getting distracted by multiple popups and set up as you need.
Add account image - you can now upload your favorite image after you login to personalize your workspace better.