Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


Hitting a massive release this week.
# New
Task Module:
  • Calendar view: Look at your project timeline from a bird's-eye perspective and future important dates in an easy-to-understand visual style.
  • Roadmap view: Assess how long a project should take and plan the order of tasks in one go.
  • Slider drawer view of the sub-task: Enabled image preview for the attachments in the comments
  • Resizable columns: Organize the columns' appearance in the Stages and Sub-tasks of a project to view the associated details in the column however they want and bring focus to the information.
  • Subdomains are now allowed for the scripts
  • Improved sidebar for script center in alignment with the sidebars of other modules
  • Get fresh details view for single scripts with real-time preview
  • Enabled commenting on the whiteboard
  • Follow another user on the shared whiteboard
  • Enabled specific permission sharing in Team Space
  • Whiteboard, Tasks, Chat, and Script Center are now included in the Global Search
  • Enabled searching the members with the middle/last name while mentioning in any module
  • User avatars made consistent throughout the system
  • Updated the bottom content of the Board Calendar widget
Task Module:
  • Fix for comment mention is not showing all the shared members
  • Video attachment not showing in the comments - fixed
  • Made the tasks under a stage visible while dragging and dropping a stage
  • Privacy of Wiki visibility has been increased. Without sharing, outsiders cannot view the Wiki.
  • Contents duplication in the wiki has been Fixed
Ending 2023 with the biggest release of Tixio. Introducing Tixio Mobile App
🚀 🥁
FB 1200_1200
Your most requested feature is here! We have released Chat feature in our mobile app on Android. Through this mobile app, we aim to provide you with a secure, simple, and all-in-one platform for seamless communication and smart collaboration.
What you can do with the app:
  • Instant and easy chat: You can quickly sync. with your team members. Be it a 1-1 chat or a group chat, you can enjoy undisrupted communication flow in our app.
  • Share file: Attach your most important files, images, audio recordings, etc., and share them with your team members.
  • Focused channels: Don't let the buzzing noise divert you and your team's attention. Create public and private channels around a specific project or topic and keep everyone aligned with the important messages.
Try it now
Stay connected to your team anytime, anywhere! Download Tixio for your Android
Presenting you better and smarter way of app usage tracker: Tixio Insight 🚀 Now you don't need set alarm or go back n forth with setting up different app tracker to understand how do you spend your time.
You concentrate on your work, let us take care of creating insights on your internet usage behavior! 🤓
What can you do:
🧭 Track where and how much you spend time
  • View insights on your app usage behavior for any day.
  • Export CSV and save it
  • Filter by name or usage to check which site you visit the most
  • Stop tracking all data by clicking stop button
📈 Graphical view of the insights
  • Select date range to view app usage trend through graph or chart
  • Hover over data points to view the details.
⛔️ Protect your privacy
  • Block the URL you don't want to track. Once you block URL, system will not collect any data and show it in the tabular or graph.
  • Customize the timeline to stop tracking and use toggle on/off to stop or start with one click.
A loud drum-roll please: Presenting you Tixio Task Module Automation! 🥁🚀
Project management will be easier, better, and efficient.
Introducing Automation:
Achieve greater efficiency with automations
  • Customize the project with your desired workflow
  • Setup trigger, conditions, and actions
  • Edit automation to add or remove trigger, conditions, and actions.
  • Toggle automations on or off
  • Use search field to find an automation.
New release is here! Drumrolls please!! 🥁
Tixio Wiki is now better and improved with this new release. We’ve added a bunch of cool new features and made some major improvements. Here are our release update:
New Wiki Sidebar:
Launching our brand new wiki sidebar with amazing features!
  • Nested folders: Create folders within folders to organize in a better way.
  • Predefined names for fun! No more "Untitled" wiki.
  • Smooth drag-drop.
  • Custom folder: Organize and view shared wiki quickly by creating customer folder for yourself in the shared section.
Introducing “Teamspace” for sharing items with all members.
Create a wiki in “Teamspace” and it will be automatically shared with all team members in workspace.
So you don't need to endlessly pick each member while sharing.
Improved Sharing:
  • Greater visibility to wiki ownership.
  • Enhanced shared with me section with filter options.
Hitting a massive release this week. Unleashing New Board & tons of other features!
Drumrolls please!! 🥁
Everything's New On Tixio Board
Grids in board
Introducing grids in board. With grids you can:
  • Create unlimited columns and rows in Tixio board.
  • Resize widgets to any size
  • Move widgets faster.
  • Place widgets anywhere as a free canvas.
Calendar widget
Let's welcome Calendar widget in our widget family. Now you can add multiple candlars in your baord. Keep track of all the events, together!
Sticky Notes
Now you can add sticky notes for quick reminders, or highlighting something important in boards. Give yourself a creative and visual way to organize what's important.
Board colors
Change the appearance of your board with colourful backgrounds, custom images & more!
New Sidebar
Launching our brand new sidebar with amazing features!
  • Nested folders: create folders within folders to organize in a better way.
  • Predefined names for fun! No more "Untitled" boards.
  • Smooth drag-drop.
  • Enhanced Shared with me section with filter options.
Introducing "Teamspace" for sharing items with all members. Create an item in Teamspace and it will be automatically shared will all members in the workspace. So you don't need to endlessly pick each member while sharing.
Get started and explore!
Another release is here with brand new signup flow. We've also deployed some bug fixes and improvements. Check out the latest changes below:
New and improved sign-up flow
Simple and easy sign up process for new users. Making it easy to navigate and understand. All we targeted was to ensure smoother experience and faster signup.🚀
Whiteboard public share URL
Introducing public sharing in whiteboard. Now you can share your doodles and plans on whiteboard with anyone outside the workspace with a simple public sharable link.
Bug fixes & Improvements:
  • Signup and workspace activation related bug fix
  • Members add and group creation related issues fix
  • Some UI improvements in Task module
  • Chat threads and reply related improvements




Release Note [2.018]

We've got a massive release this week with new amazing features. Features that's gonna make collaboration even better.
An open board drawing tool for your visual brainstorming. Shape your ideas together with the team – but in the most vibrant way possible!
white board main ui 2 (1)
New Sidebar
A completely new sidebar that allows users to create unlimited nested folders to organize products more conveniently.
Script center
New Tixio Lite extension allows users to create scripts from the extension.
New share flow:
A fully revamped share flow across all the Tixio modules.
Bug fixes and improvements:
  • Improve favourites section.
  • Notes widget URL & data mismatch fix
  • Wiki comment issues update
  • Redesigned & improved settings page components
  • Folder open/collapse issues improvement
We’ve tinkered with some internal workings and polished some rough edges. The app is now better than it was.
  • Bookmark title update error fixed
  • Subscription plan upgrade/downgrade issues fixed
  • Notes widget overlapping issue fixed.
  • A few alignments issues fixed.
  • Task module file attachment issues fixed.
  • Global search related issue fixes.
We've some exciting updates and chuckles! 🚀😄
We've dropped some hottest releases this week, so let's dive deep into them:
Introducing a sleek and compact board design
new board
We have revamped our board design to meet the most desired UX and better performance.
  • It's compact
  • It's colorful
  • Uniform design and fonts
  • Faster drag n drop
  • Improved performance
⚡Kanban / card view in Task Module
Get ready for the awesomeness in task management because we've just launched Kanban view in task module. Now you view tasks as cards, update and move them between stages. It's so easy to visualize your project status at a glance.
board view
🪲Bug fixes and improvements:
  • Improved task module share flow.
  • Stage drag & drop improvements in task module.
  • Widget overlapping issue fixed in board.
  • Intercom icon flickering issue fixed.
  • Member add or remove related issues fixed in members page.
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